The Flock (UDK)

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Platform Puzzle Game in UDK

responsible for: (unrealscript)

  • Controls
  • Moving items
  • HUD interaction
  • Custom triggers

created: last half of 2011

The Flock was a platform puzzle game and my first venture into UDK and working with industry level engines.
As an experience it was a confusing one, more than anything else, but now I see that I wouldn’t be here without this rough start.

Being responsible for controls I was confronted with the problems and demands moving objects and running gameplay mechanics in general.
Things I encountered as main problems were all centered around inserting custom mechanics into UDK and implementing new things that are not standard for an engine that is designed around First person titles. These were eventually solved by utilizing a hybrid between Kismet and unrealScript (I was responsible for all the unrealScript, my colleague in the team handled all Kismet).