Flash Drive (UDK) GameJam

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An open map survival Racer in UDK

Responsible for: (unrealscript)

  • Turrets targetting and firing at the car
  • Minimap
  • Controls & Camera
  • Start menu
  • Checkpointing and Death

This was a teamproject made in 3 days during the gamejam organised at my school. The only limit was “Create something that can relate to DAE” and we decided to make a racer in the style of Tron were you had to collect fragments of your broken files because your HDD crashed.

Gameplay was made for Controllers and had basic racer controls to throttle and break. Across the map there were turrets with an auto aiming system that fired “orbital lasers” at the car, destroying it when hit. A minimap was added so you would not lose track of the where you are in the map.


  • Colliding with the lasers: a bigger problem than expected, colliding with upscaled cylinders caused buggy behaviour and we needed to micronudge them to have actual collisionchecks enabled.