A Stain on the Planet (XNA)

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A Windows Phone game created for the Imagine Cup themed around oilspills at sea

Responsible for: (C# in XNA)
– everything surrounding the rhythm
– visuals
– rhythm feedback
– reading and analysing rhythm files
– playing the songs
– gameplay mechanics of the third stage

This was a game created with a team of 4 members with the goal of entering the Imagine Cup. We got to the last 100 teams but did not make it to Australia.

The story was split in three stages, each showing a different aspect of the consequences of an oil spill. The first stage was about swiping seagulls out of the oily water,
second stage was about swiping fish away from poisonous oil bubbles and the last stage dealt with the effort needed to clean the oilstains.

The gameplay surrounded a rhythm based tapping mechanic that allowed you to gather energy to use in each stage to either swipe seagulls away, swipe fish
towards food/ off screen and clean up an oil stain. Each stage handled the mechanic in another way and had ramping difficulty levels.


  • – reading rhythm from a song:

I handled this by creating an application that allowed me to run a bass line or a drum line through it and filter the rhythm out of it

  • – implementing rhythm sync

This was easily my biggest problem and while I did get it somewhat fixed by implementing correction values depending on the platform, the source of the problem eluded me. I suspect it was because of not fully

understood tickrate and numerical offsets and the added problem with the difference between an emulator and the actual device