A Stain on the Planet – Music Analyzer (C++)

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A side app designed to create the files needed to analyze the music we used in A Stain on the Planet

responsible for:(C++)
– reading the sound
– creating the rhythm file to be used in ASOTP
– implementing the Fmod library and using it to create a working beat analyzer

The entire application was created in a minor graphical engine which
allowed me to give some visual feedback about the current analysis instead of a basic console application. The goal
of this little side project was to have the ability to easily and correctly create a file that contains the
rhythm for a specific song. It was designed to receive the basic rhythm of the music (we created the music ourselves,
so extracting just the drums f/e was easy) then play that music while marking the beats somewhat like you would do
with something like an old vinyl record.

This file then got pushed to the game and paired with the music to allow the game to know when to spawn beats
and allow the user to prepare with visual feedback.

The biggest problems this application gave me was mainly in fine-tuning what should be considered a beat (Hz and Amplitude).
Second would be simply learning what exactly your new library does and how to convert its functions into a working project.