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Bythos is the pet project of a few friends and myself. It tells the story of a world collapsed where magic and power run freely and threathen to consume everything.

Bythos is a westernized Jrpg game, envisioned by a small team of 1 coder and 3 artists. The current version is about the events that come before the dimensions crashed into eachother to form a mixed world. It is centered around a complex class mechanic that looks at the standard RPG roles (healer, support, tank, striker) and forms each role into several classes.

Each class will eventually be able to be hybridized with one of the other start classes to create a unique twist to each of the classes. examples of this are Sentinel (physical tank) + Deacon (healer) = paladin, a healer on the frontline or Marksman (striker) + Engineer (support) = Cannoneer, grand shots and carpetbombing statuseffects. Inspired by Final Fantasty X-2 and Final Fantasy Tactics we wanted to give the player the tools to create what he/she thinks is cool and have each class have it’s own little quirks that don’t rip it out of place but combine your favorite things in one.

Current feature list: (implemented and WIP)

  • Combat order
  • Fully customizable skills, endless possibilities
  • Character statlists, names and descriptions
  • Support for status effects
  • Preparing for implementation of armor
  • Preparing for loading skills, character and combatscenes
  • Character Editor

Things to do:

  • Exploration and combat triggers
  • Shops, inventory and items
  • classes
  • scene tool

Language: C++

Engine: a custom simple game engine built by our teachers (the overlord engine)

Below you can find the blog where I try to keep track of all the updates and some screenshots of the game in it’s current state.