Bythos is back on track in UE4

May 10, 2015/0/0
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With Bythos no longer seeing a lot of work due to my work at Grin. I decided to pick it up again and redo everything in UE4! And so far I have been loving the new engine. As I fit all the pieces together I have challenged myself to create a version that is easily accessible to both me and the designers. Allowing them to create skills in the blueprint system was the first step. As allways in a new engine, struggles were had and mistakes were made. But it’s the learning process that’s top priority for me.

Figuring out the basics of a new engine is allways the first step, spawning and destroying everything properly, creating working interactions between objects and actors. The next step was actually creating code that could be used in blueprint for skills. And creating status effects and buffs/debuffs is up next. A proper interface for player control and debug feedback also needed to be created. With basic things like mouseover and newer things like UMG I created a basic version of skill selection and target selection that allows for easy and quick testing of every feature.

A quick glance at all the current features is giving in the youtube video bow




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