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Bythos is back on track in UE4

May 10, 2015/0/0/

With Bythos no longer seeing a lot of work due to my work at Grin. I decided to pick it up again and redo everything in UE4! And so far I have been loving the new engine. As I fit all the pieces together I have challenged myself to create a version that is easily […]

Bythos, General

Site Update!

May 3, 2015/0/0/

Spoiler alert: I’ve launched a new website! Everything is much more organized and stylish now! Big thanks Mr. Rizzah for taking the time to go through everything and cleaner the whole place up!


Few alpha screenshots…

May 3, 2014/0/0/
a part of a level created by Steph Vanquathem

a part of a level created by Steph Vanquathem

Here's a few very early alpha shots... a nameless enemy by Dalia GonzalesA fresh interface exampleThe game in it's alpha state simulating combat a part of a level created by Steph Vanquathema Hunter Enemy by Dalia Gonzales and Yannick VanhoutteA Flame Tiger loaded into the editor


Alpha Demonstration

May 3, 2014/0/0/

Here's a small alpha demonstration of Bythos: